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Weizmann & Ariana Partners Offers You More, Including Custom Approach

Today, Our Lawyers Represent Clients In Their Most Challenging And Complex Intellectual Property Matters.

Our firm is sensitive to the importance of preserving the confidentiality of client information as well as to the need for effective cost management 

We Got the Skills

We Have it All, and a Bit More for Luck.

After 20 years Weizmann & Ariana Parteners became a well-known and respected company with a staff of professionals. Our agency expanded their directions of services offered and now have a wide range of of IP matters, advising on availability, registration, compliance, protection and enforcement.

Registration Options

One simple set of instructions is all it takes to put Weizmann, Ariana & Partners into action. From that point forward each type of protection has its own carefully defined proceedings and processes


We assess the risk and economic viability of disputes to focus on achieving solutions whether that be through formal court proceedings or by alternative dispute resolution


From simple to complex scenarios, WE possesses the creativity and the tenacity to efficiently and effectively address the myriad of IP issues that arise in any transaction.


Our attorneys have the experience and strategies to help our clients exploit their intellectual assets through licensing or transfer


We can implement campaigns, efficiently working with local contacts with cost-effective methods such as multi-brand campaigns.

Searches / FTOs

Developed by a team known for quality, searches are designed to help you identify potential roadblocks that may need to be licensed or invalidated;